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Skinner Tank Company (STC) builds a wide range of petroleum storage tanks for the petrochemical industry. We build petroleum tanks for crude oil as well as refined products, such as gasoline and various fuel oils.

STC also builds tanks for alternative fuels, like Ethanol and biodiesels. We build traditional diesel fuel tanks, asphalt tanks, as well as tanks used for the storage of recycled motor oils.

We provide coned-roof petroleum tanks that are equipped with internal floating roofs (IFR) and open-top tanks that are equipped with external floating roofs (EFR). We can install both aluminum pontoon type IFR's and steel pan-type IFR's.

STC headquarters in Yale, Oklahoma -- about 10 miles from Cushing, a town that is known as the "Pipeline Crossroads of the World".

Petroleum Tank Rev

External Floating Roof


Since 1972, Skinner Tank Company has built refinery-type petroleum tanks on the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, as well as several international sites including Russia, the Republic of Georgia, Yemen, and Canada.

At STC, we understand the stringent safety requirements of petroleum and chemical tank owners; therefore, we are a member of the ISNetworld network of companies. The construction requirements of all of our petroleum storage tanks fall under the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute's Standard 650.

Our staff includes multiple employees that are Certified API 653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspectors.